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PCM Thermal Solutions sells and designs** with Bulk PCM, and other low temperature PCM gels, for all types of applications.

Choose U-Tek Phase Change Materials

U-TEK Phase Change Materials

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U-teks are a clean, alternative to wet or dry ice. Constructed of a laminated metallized polyethylene film, U-tek's foil packaging is durable, puncture-resistant and won't leak. When used to replace wet ice, U-tek's eliminate the wet mess--returning to a gel after thawing. Each pack can be used repeatedly, is harmless to handle and non-toxic. U-teks are available in -10 F, +30F, and -58F formulations so they are an ideal choice for many applications.

U-tek Meets Your Requirements

Test Results: In separate trials, Thermosafe U-tek Models 414 (+30F) and 420 (-10F) were placed in Model 411 insulated containers (with wall thickness of 1-1/2") at temperatures between 70 and 74F. The +30F formula kept payload temperatures below 42F for more than 50 hours. The -10F formula kept payload temperatures below 32F for more than 40 hours. Overall, temperatures rose approximately one degree per hour during the test.

Optimum results are obtained by storing lower temperature U-TEKs in a freezer at -10F or colder before using.

U-TEK Phase Change Materials

U-tek Single


ThemoSafe Brands

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U-tek Singles

U-tek Singles remain frozen longer than regular ice without the melting mess.

U-tek Singles or Mat style phase change materials are single packets used as a cubed ice substitute. Cut-to-size mat, for wrap-around applications, single sheets, or single packets, cushion fragile shipments and won’t dilute samples or ice baths. U-teks may be frozen and reused.

The refrigerant in
U-tek Singles contain neutral pH distilled or de-ionized water and proprietary materials which comply with FDA regulations for food-grade chemicals, and have acceptance by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for direct contact with food. The durable, laminated plastic film used in Utek Singles withstand pressures of 60 pounds per square inch for more than 5 minutes.

for more information please following the following link:

U-tek Singles

TEAP Energy Low Temp PCMs

PCM by
TEAP Energy
Melting Tmp Latent heat Price
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TEA -4
-4oC (269 K) 130-300 kJ/kg CALL
TEAPlogo1.gif (2404 bytes)
TEA -10
-10oC (263 K) 130-300 kJ/kg CALL
TEAPlogo1.gif (2404 bytes)
TEA -16
-16oC (257 K) 130-300 kJ/kg CALL
TEAPlogo1.gif (2404 bytes)
TEA -21
-21oC (252 K) 130-300 kJ/kg CALL
TEAPlogo1.gif (2404 bytes)
TEA -31
-31oC (242 K) 130-300 kJ/kg CALL

**For purchasing  of bulk PCMs, PCM Thermal Solutions must Design and Develop the PCM Container and/or the Thermal Management Systems at an additional cost.  Please contact us for details




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