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CUSTOM SMALL PASSIVELY COOLED ENCLOSURES for Telecommunications and Other Outdoor Applications

PCM Thermal Solutions in cooperation with MJM Engineering Co. ( can design and develop customized and tailor-made small enclosures that are passively cooled (no moving parts) and virtually maintenance-free.

Small enclosures are a challenge because, in addition to the requirement of being sealed, the heat they receive as solar radiation accounts for half or more
of the total cooling load, although this situation is changing rapidly as designers install more and more equipment in these enclosures. What is a small enclosure? The definition is not easy to give, however, we consider small any enclosure that cannot be cooled by assisted means such as air conditioners,
or air-to-air heat exchangers due to the size of the enclosure or the power requirement.

We design, develop and provide you with a prototype of a small outdoor enclosure that may include:

  1. Solar Deflectors, Radiation Shields

  2. Phase Change Materials (PCM)

  3. Photovoltaic Cells

  4. Thermoelectric Units

  5. Finned Walls

  6. Ground Loops

  7. Etc.

We can even help you with the testing and evaluation of the newly design small enclosure. We will also help you locate and work with the appropriate fabricator who will make the required number of units.

If you are interested, or would like to receive pricing and other information, please call us or send us an e-mail <>  message.







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