Thermal Management Technologies,
featuring Phase Change Materials (PCMs), Renewable/Solar Energy and Energy Conservation
PCM Thermal Solutions is an R&D and consulting firm specialized in the design and development of products and engineering/industrial systems that incorporate phase change materials (PCMs.)

Furthermore, we are a small company, and we can guarantee you personalized service, attention to detail, and the shortest turnaround time, worldwide. PCM Thermal Solutions has been in business since 1996 and has had a variety of projects and clients.

Please contact us for all your consulting/R&D needs, in particular in the following industrial fields:

Electronics/ Telecom, Automotive,Aerospace, Building/Construction, Biomedical, Shipping, etc.
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PCM Thermal Solutions designs, develops and tests temperature controlled shipping containers for food and medical supplies. These containers are designed to withstand steady and transient conditions for periods ranging from a few hours up to 96 hours.

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