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Thermal Management Through the Use of
Phase Change Materials (PCM’s)




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CUSTOM PCM Heat Sinks for Electronics Packaging  Applications

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PCM Thermal Solutions in cooperation with MJM Engineering Co. ( can design and develop customized and tailor-made heat sinks that contain PCM materials at various temperatures (see High Temperature PCMs).


Thermal management of high power electronic components (chips) with high heat dissipation ratings using air as the cooling fluid clearly demands non-traditional means to be successful. Many different approaches have been attempted in the past with varying degrees of success. One method is by using non-traditional heat sinks made of channels or pin fins that incorporate phase change materials.

Heat sinking capabilities and requirements of high power dissipation IC's and microprocessors is well understood for steady operation. However, some electronics components operate transiently; that is most of their useful life is spent in on-off operation. One way to reduce the cooling load requirement or the convective flow requirement for on-off operation is to incorporate PCM (Phase Change Materials) into traditional heat sinks such as the standard pin fin and the longitudinal plate fins. In addition, wherever chips must be cooled by passive means only, which involves the use of natural convection and radiation as the only heat transfer modes available to the designers, PCM's are the ideal candidates.

Systems that incorporate PCM's such as passive heat moderators or a PCM heat exchanger are being designed at PCM Thermal Solutions Inc to handle the increases in power dissipation levels without changing the current heat exchanger designs at reasonable costs.

PCM Thermal Solutions sells PCM Reservoirs to be attached to traditional heat sinks such as those seen in the figure.

Heat Sink Reservoirs can be filled with PCM's that melt at 29, 58, and 89C.

PCM Thermal Solutions can also provide PCM reservoirs design specifically for components and boards







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