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Thermal Management Through the Use of
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TEAP Energy TEA29 system for thermal storage greatly increases the density of heat energy that can be accumulated within any application. At the same time it ensures a more even release of the stored heat than is possible with other storage methods.

TEAP Energy TEA29 Phase Change Material (PCM) is an inorganic hydrated salt which has a large quantity of energy (in the form of latent heat) which needs to be absorbed or released when a material changes from the solid to the liquid state (melting) or from the liquid to the solid state (freezing). These phase changes take place at constant temperature and the process can be repeated over an unlimited number of cycles with no change to their physical or chemical properties

TEAP Energy TEA29 salt with melting temperature of approximately 29 oC - a temperature that makes it ideal for many cooling or heating applications. The PCM offers the best characteristics with respect to a number of parameters:

  • High energy absorption (heat of fusion, specific heat) over the operating temperature range of 26 to 32oC i.e. 1 Liter (approx. 32 fluid oz) of TEAP Energy TEA29salt will release an energy amount equivalent of 12 Liters (over 4 gallons) of water.
  • Chemical and thermal stability
  • Non-toxic and non-flammable


TEAP Energy TEA29 PCM thermal storage capsules have an unlimited number of applications. Examples in some fields are:

Field Application
Telecommunications Enclosure heating/cooling
Battery systems enclosure heating/cooling
Domestic Solar pool heating
Solar passive heating
Agriculture Greenhouses (commercial and residential)
Horticultural systems
Barns and stables
Other Aquaculture (marine) growth systems








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